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Creativity is powerful. It turns abstract thinking into real objects.

No matter what.


Robert Rusin is the most popular artist in Milton Keynes, England. His art-prints and designs have been distributed to 28 countries around the world. The author of bespoke visuals that always resonate with the audience.

The creator of ‘Milton Keynes Poster Collection’, comprising of 150 artworks devoted entirely to Milton Keynes. This series has changed the way Milton Keynes is seen around the world.


Creative mind behind the strategic art projects for Milton Keynes. Eye-catching designs by the artist served as the backdrop for the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Designer of the Milton Keynes Regular typeface, named after the town and fully compatible with Microsoft. 


Previous works by Robert Rusin include business and sport-related designs, poster art for celebrities, graphic designs for public and charity events, filming set decor, large-size paintings, calendars, accessories and much more.

The artist continues with releases that have been popular around the world: USA to Australia, Germany to Japan and UK to China PR. Robert Rusin is a trend-setter in visual creativity. His original works are often copied by others, proving they carry an outstanding flair and very strong, influential edge. Always a promoter of Milton Keynes.

A talented artist, influenced by the Art Deco and the 20th Century poster art. Also the very first artist allowed the use of the official MK-city brand logo on his releases.

Major clients

Open to commissions. 

Please use the contact page for your initial enquiry. All terms and conditions are negotiable. Full variety of designs and artworking available:

icons, patterns, backgrounds, plans, visuals, charts, banners, creative designs, events and fairs posters, promotional packs, accessories, annual reports, picture re-touching, photo-manipulation in full palette of styles, all decorative art for your home, office and showroom. Plus a lot more...  


Art and design solutions for all.


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